Your shoes

A class, the teacher noticed that a classmate always go God. After class, the teacher asked her how, she said she wanted to buy a pair of beautiful cheap toms shoes, to find parents for money, did not think parents do not give, she was angry even did not eat rice came to school.

The teacher pondered for a moment, said: “I give you a homework homework, home after a handful of you and your parents toms outlet shoes, tomorrow to tell me the results.”

The next day, the teacher saw the students asked: “Last night, no shoes?” She said: “The number of.” The teacher asked: “How many pairs of shoes your father?” The students said: “4 pairs. “Your mother?” “6 pairs.” The teacher stopped and asked: “How many pairs of shoes do you have?” Her face red glowing, and soon whispered: “12 pairs.” “Then you are angry? “At this time, the eyes of the students are full of tears, she choked back and said:” Teacher, I was wrong, but the teacher, you have not been to my house, how to know my parents did not my shoes? The teacher sighed and said: “Parents’ shoes are always less than their children, every household is the same, just do children often forget the number.

Are you today?